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Business Counseling

Professional Consultation

Expert business consulting is an important ingredient in the health of a small business.

A personal discussion of your financial statements or other business matters is available when you need it and is as close as your phone.We will assist in the interpretation of your financial records and reports to help improve your profitability. We will help you analyze your expenses to control unnecessary outflow, reconcile your bank statements to avoid costly money leaks, and suggest new procedures or programs to uncover additional opportunities. Our service will help you manage your business more efficiently and productively.

Review Meetings

Our Mid-Year Review and Year-End Planning meetings will help you overcome business concerns and set up plans to acheive your objectives…making your business work for you.

Call Carolina Accounting & Tax Solutions today at 919-789-8000 if you are facing important business decisions and need the experienced guidance and confidentiality Carolina Accounting & Tax Solutions can bring to your business.